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Access Insurance

Access Insurance Association is a worker’s compensation association licensed to operate in the State of Minnesota.  It was formed in January 1993 when a group of cooperatives decided to take control over their worker’s compensation coverage and related services. They felt that by owning their company, they would be able to install a new attitude about workers compensation insurance amongst themselves, their employees and the third-parties that provided them with services.

That first group of members has grown from 12 to 35 members and revenue has increased from $500,000 to over $4 million in 2014.  With its continued success over its 22 year history, Access Insurance has secured the largest share and lowest costs of its target market within the Minnesota workers compensation industry.

We continue to look for other agribusinesses in Minnesota that meet our criteria:

  • Minnesota agribusiness employer
  • Minimum local net worth of $1,000,000
  • Consent to a safety inspection and fix any deficiencies
  • Have a work comp experience mod of less than 1.45

The Access Insurance Model is simple. As a member owned and controlled organization, you are funding your costs of operation. These costs are made up of three things.

  • Your share of your loss claims
  • Your share of your partners loss claims
  • Your share of operational costs.

You are truly in control as you get to pick your employees, pick your partners, pick your services and your service partners.

Par Pac

In 2004, a subgroup of Access Insurance Association members grew tired of increasing restrictions and insurance premiums dictated by their insurance carriers and decided to form their own company. Pillar Insurance, Ltd is a captive insurance company domiciled in Grand Cayman, which provides a member owned vehicle to finance property and casualty, crime and D & O  risk exposures.

The members’ agreement provides the legal structure to finance and manage risk between the owners. It lays out how risk will be retained and shared between the members on a policy year basis. Similar to the Access model, your cost in the program is your cost of coverage. It is made up of:

  • Your share of your loss claims
  • Your share of your partners loss claims
  • Your share of operational costs.


Parthenon Compliance assists members in staying compliant with DOT, FMCSA, and OSHA Regulations. By staying compliant in these areas, members and their employees will have a more safety conscious culture which will help reduce Workers Comp and P&C claims.

Compliance staff works closely with Human Resource & Safety Director’s, as well as location managers, safety committees, and employees.  We play an active role on their Safety Committees, assist in setting up & delivering training, and send out regulatory updates and news bulletins. We also offer unlimited Software training the initial year to ensure that all users are comfortable with the software and what it can do for them.

Parthenon Compliance utilizes an internet based software program and documentation is received from clients via fax or email.

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