Parthenon Agency, LLC.

Risk Management / Consulting

The function of the Risk Management division of Parthenon Agency, LLC is to provide consulting services to the members of Access Insurance Association and PAR PAC to assist them in managing their organization risk.  There are numerous activities that we facilitate to help them provide a safe workplace.

  • Initial Overview of Operations/Facility Inspections: Risk Management completes a comprehensive review of all operations and conducts facility inspections. This review includes claims analysis, review and development of written safety programs, assistance with new program development, review of liability risks and steps taken to transfer that risk, as well as recommendations to the client that will assist them in developing a safer workplace.  A Risk Management report is shared with the members as well as complete mapping of all property and pictures of the property to assist with claims adjustment.  Parthenon Agency has developed underwriting criteria to assist in uniform compliance of all members.
  • Property Appraisal/Statement of Values Review: As part of the initial inspection, all property is evaluated for loss settlement option and appraised using industry values and adjusting for depreciation. Periodically, our valuation process is reviewed to ensure we are reflecting current market values for Replacement Cost.  The members are then given the opportunity to review the statement of values and make adjustments according to their risk tolerance.
  • On-Site Safety Training: Parthenon Agency staff work with the members to provide on-site safety training in a variety of areas. Claims reviews and compliance needs typically will assist us in determining which areas we will provide additional training.  Members are also provided with training materials to conduct their own employee training through the use of our safety video library and associated quizzes. Training courses offered by Parthenon Staff include:
    • 1st Aid/CPR/AED training
    • DOT Hazmat training
    • Drug & Alcohol Recognition Training for Supervisors
    • AWAIR/ RTK Training
    • Other Safety Training topics as requested
  • Networking & Training Opportunities: Parthenon Agency holds Safety Director Peer Group meetings quarterly. Meetings provide an opportunity for Safety Directors to discuss current issues, share information with others, listen to guest speakers in the industry talk about new products, regulations, solutions, and more. 

Parthenon Agency also holds training sessions for Safety Directors periodically as requested or needed. They may include OSHA 10 and 30 hour classes, specialized training topics, Regulatory Updates, etc.



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